Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, BC, Seraphine is the perfect destination to indulge in a dazzling night of premium gourmet dishes. Each dish is prepared by world-class chefs with the absolute finest ingredients for a succulent and luxurious dining experience.
Concept Development: Moodboard
Seraphine ("burning ones") is a female name of Hebrew origin. It comes from the Latin variant, "Seraphim," which in Jewish scriptures, means "the highest order of angels."
The green gemstone, seraphinite, is named after seraphim due to its resemblance to the beautiful feathery and feminine patterns of angel wings encompassing the stone. Because of its connection to the rare and luxurious gem and celestial ranking, the name, "Seraphine," creates an immediate impression of quality and grandeur.
Script and sans serif typefaces are used in combination to create balance and display elegance and a sense of refinement.
Shades of green were sampled from the gemstone to achieve this colour palette.
Menu (Food): Interior + Exterior
Menu (Wine): Interior + Exterior
iPad Scrolling (Food) Menu: 1536px wide
iPad Scrolling (Wine) Menu: 1536px wide
Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

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