Celestia is a Vancouver-based tea company that specializes in herbal infusions for healing and health inspired by the "alternative" and "witchcore" aesthetics that have become increasingly popular on social media. Celestia uses imagery from magic or "magick" as well as astrology to capture a sense of delicacy, quirkiness, and darkness.
Concept Development
Voice: expressive, mystical, romantic, moody
Values: the unknown, energy, growth, expression, self
Benefit: relaxation, comfort, tranquility, health
Celestia herbal teas contain lavender and honey, rose hip and hibiscus, and chamomile and lemongrass.
Lavender: relaxation, calming, purification, protection
Rose: love, beauty, attraction, positive energy
Chamomile: relaxation, calming, sleep
The packaging colours are chosen to match the product and the specific herbs within the teas: purple for lavender, red for hibiscus and rose hip, and green for lemongrass. Darker shades are used to capture the moodiness of this spellbinding aesthetic as well as to help stand out amongst the light colours of currently existing tea brands.
Sans serif fonts help to keep the image clean, modern, professional, and legible.
Labels - Front > Back > Full
Product Packaging - Pouch / Tube
Business Card
Tote Bags
Promotional Advertisements - 4x6 Print Handout / Instagram Digital Ad
Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate

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