From Rationing to Ravishing is an exhibit held by Ivan Sayers and Claus Jahnke, fashion historians specializing in women's fashions dating back to the 1700s, at the Museum of Vancouver. From Rationing to Ravishing displays the drastic changes in womenswear between the 1940s and 1950s. 
The clothing of this era tells the story of war and peace and the events that impacted society, self-expression, and inevitably, fashion. 
The direct mail featuring local artwork and a re-attachable illustrated magnet creates a memorable piece that is both desirable to keep and revisit. This magnet is the first out of a collection of items that not only introduces the exhibit, but prompts its audience to visit in order to view and purchase the remaining pieces of artwork in the collection.
It is both displayable and practical, containing the From Rationing to Ravishing exhibit details.
The dresses illustrated on the piece are taken directly from images of the designs seen in the exhibit. Inspiration for the border and stripes in the background come from circus themes while the lights and roses come from the concepts of theatre, performance, and romanticizing the era of rock and roll and pinup girls.
Concept Development: Concept Thumbnails
Print + Digital Drafts
Final Design
Programs: Procreate

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